Orchestre des jeunes du centre

Simon Proust discovered the world of the orchestra in 2005 when he participated for the first time to the Summer session of the "Orchestre des Jeunes du Centre". The orchestra was conducting by Jean-Marc Cochereau and they performed works from Dvorak, Debussy, Bernstein and Wagner. During a rehearsal, the musical director gave him the stick to conduct a short part of the "New World Symphony". After this first experience, Simon knew what was his professional  wish.

First assistant conductor of the orchestra between 2011 and 2016, he becomes musical and artistic director in 2017, succeeding to Marius Stieghorst and Jean-Marc Cochereau who founded the orchestra and introduced him to he orchestral repertoire.

He continues now his pedagogical and artistic mission with a team of twelve professional musicians. He proposes ambitious program to allow young musicians what he lived almost ten years ago. Together, they have the opportunity to perform in prestigious festivals and historical monuments. ("Fêtes musicales en Touraine", Chambord Castle...)


Summer session  2020 from 14th to 19th of July in Tours (France)



Crédit photo: Gérard Proust, Grange de Meslay

Vidéo : Antoine Polin, OJC 2017